Fab Freebie uvex Contest: Vote for the Baddest Equestrian Tan Line of Them All

Up for grabs: a pair of uvex sportstyle 802 small vario sunglasses in black and uvex ceravent gloves. Images courtesy of uvex.

For last Tuesday’s “Fab Freebie” we asked readers to show us their bad equestrian tan lines, and holy sunburn Batman, did you guys deliver! Best (worst?) comment from a significant other: “I’d tell my former wife, naked she looked like Neapolitan ice cream. Some vanilla, strawberry, and chocolate.” — Matthew Kiener

Emphasis on FORMER wife there, Matthew!

Here are our top 10 contest finalists photos — vote for your favorite in the poll below. Voting is open for seven days. We’ll announce the winner in News & Notes next Tuesday, Aug. 6! Many thanks to uvex equestrian for sponsoring this fun photo challenge.

Kailey DeMeyer: “This was a struggle to get rid of this tan line for my wedding.”

Rachel McIntosh: “The new flesh colored apple watch, coming soon.”

Nicole Fuentes: “This was me a few years back at Rebecca Farm … not sure what’s worse: the shorts tan, the shoe tan, or the dirt in the middle LOL.”

Cobie Sheehan: “Heading to the post-XC riders’ party after a week of grooming at Adelaide 3DE.”

Laura DeAngelo

Tory Powell: “After Pony club camp!”

Shelby Etheridge

Emily Carter: “This photo evidence might be from 2016, but I consistently get this exact racerback tank tan from riding. Every. Single. Year.”

Rachel Haslett

Lucca Stubington: “When an event rider gets injured…this is my post surgery/bandage tan! My silver lining after injuring my ankle (needing just over 2 months away from any form of riding) was that I could work on my leg tan … I fell asleep in the sun and this happened.”

A few more honorable mentions: