Faces of Eventing, Round 1: Vote for the Most Epic Eventing Mug

Ok, everyone – we knew the Faces of Eventing photo challenge would be big, but you absolutely swarmed us with entries and now we’ve no choice but to make it a regular series. We didn’t think you’d complain!

So here’s how this will work. Periodically we’ll post a fresh new round of epic “eventing faces” (because we know it will be a resource that never goes on short supply) here on EN, plucked from social media and email submissions received in between. We’ll put each round to a vote and the winning vote-getter will receive a prize pack of EN merchandise from our friends at Dapplebay. Who knows, there might even be some extra goodies on the horizon for this series from our sponsors!

If you want to send us your eventing face, you can do so by:

  • Emailing it to [email protected]
  • Leaving it in the comments on this article’s social media post

Here’s the first round of your lovely mugs for a vote — come back next week to see who won! The poll below will close at midnight EST on Tuesday, June 21.

Submitted by Sydney Ecker.

Submitted by Jesslyn Woodall.

Submitted by Jennifer Matusiak.

Submitted by Merrilyn Ratliff. Photo by Amy Dragoo.

Submitted by Kara Knochelmann. Photo by JJ Sillman.

Submitted by Mollie Barbour. Photo by Steve Storm Photography.

Submitted by Kate Boggan. Photos by Christine Quinn Photography.

Submitted by Kari Scoggins.

Submitted by
Mary Beth Hoehn.

Submitted by
Mary Beth Hoehn.