Fair Hill and Heraclitus

Katie and Deszi. Photo by Elizabeth Parenteau Photography. Katie and Deszi. Photo by Elizabeth Parenteau Photography.

“The only constant is change.” — Heraclitus

When I am frustrated, upset or confused, I remind myself of this quote. It settles me, reminds me that life and all the wondrous experiences are ever changing. And, that we are ever changing. If we do not accept this one true constant, we create resistant. And who wants to resist life?

I do. There are times I want to resist life.

I would like to freeze a perfect moment and reside there. We all feel those moments with our horses. That is how I used to feel riding Garth on the flat — then life happened, change happened, and I resisted. As change is constant, my resistance has led to poor habits that do not enable progression. We have become stagnant within the resistance to change that I have created. With the help of one of Canada’s finest, I came to recognize this at Fair Hill.

“Katie, what the f*ck are you doing?”

Insert reason here (in a very small voice).

“We all have our reasons. Just stop doing it.”

He was right. Exactly what the f*ck was I doing? What the f*ck am I doing? I am trying to ride the horse Garth USED to be, not the horse he is now. I have a plan to change!

Point being: Garth scored nicely in the division of 35 and better then Deszi, however there is no reason he should not have been in the top. Deszi’s test did not showcase the variation within the gaits — as a TB, this is more difficult for her compared to the natural movement innate to the warmbloods.

Both horses were brilliant in show jumping and cross country. I need to trust to use more leg, and ride them UP to the fence, trusting that they have the tools to do their job. After watching the video, Garth needed more leg for stronger and more consistent distances. But, my God did he sail over those fences! And he does it with such ease.

I am proudest of Deszi with her performance in the show jumping. I have worked hard to give her the ride she needs to succeed, and she steps up to the plate. I fall more in love with this horse every day.

Here are some videos to enjoy:

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