Letter: FEI To Revote on Bute Progressive List in November 2010, Progressive List Postponed Until Then

“The FEI originally decided to postpone enactment until April, but under continuing pressure from a variety of nations, on Friday it contacted all its member countries asking for permission not to enact the NSAIDs rule — but rather, to schedule another vote on the matter at the general assembly next November in Taiwan.”  

Read the full story at NJ.com.  

My Take: Eventing Nation reported on Thursday afternoon that a USEF executive stated that the FEI was going to delay implementation of the progressive list until 2011.  The USEF perhaps learned of this when the FEI contacted member nations on Thursday, and the delay in implementation was clearly to allow for the revote.
This is an excellent decision by the FEI, and will allow everyone to be fully educated and prepared for the vote, and will let both sides of the issue have a full debate.  After a long two weeks of being pretty critical of the FEI, we applaud the FEI leadership and Princess Haya for making the best decision possible in this tough situation.  One thing I learned today in watching the convention meetings is that pretty much every change by a large organization with passionate members is met with resistance.  The key is to be fair to both sides.  As an aside, I am a little curious about what happens if the member countries don’t give the FEI “permission not to enact the NSAIDs rule.”
Sunday update: Telegraph.co.uk has the story now.  Every legit eventing site on the planet will have it tomorrow morning when they get back from the weekend off.  Good thing Eventing Nation works weekends.
Click here for Eventing Nation exciting first report of the story being leaked while we were sitting in on a meeting at the USEA convention.


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