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FEI’s Progressive List Delayed Until Revote in November 2010, Zero-Tolerance on PL NSAIDs Stands

From FEI Press Release: …In line with the Bureau’s earlier decision, the present Equine Prohibited List and its accompanying Rules and Veterinary Regulations will remain in effect until 4 April 2010. As of 5 April 2010, the FEI will

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Letter: FEI To Revote on Bute Progressive List in November 2010, Progressive List Postponed Until Then

“The FEI originally decided to postpone enactment until April, but under continuing pressure from a variety of nations, on Friday it contacted all its member countries asking for permission not to enact the NSAIDs rule

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FEI Caves to Pressure and Delays Implementation of New “Progressive List” Medication Rules Until 5 April 2010

The full press release from the FEI. “The FEI has announced today (1 December) that the FEI Bureau has passed a Resolution delaying implementation of the new Equine Prohibited Substances List and the accompanying Equine

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