Monday News and Notes

1) If you are wondering why your vet is not in town this week, it’s probably because they are partying it up studying in Las Vegas at the AAEP Convention.  Ridiculous factoid: casinos never have clocks on the gambling floor because they don’t want you to think about how long you have been gambling.
2) The Horse and Hound has joined the story that we reported on Friday that the FEI has sent a letter to national federations about delaying the progressive list until a revote in November 2010.  Check out Eventing Nation’s exciting first report of the story being leaked, and our confirmation of the story Friday night.  The H&H folks always do a great job, and have been leading the coverage of this story since they first reported on the Copenhagen FEI convention.  H&H quotes the FEI letter as saying “Unfortunately, the division of opinion is so deep and so passionate, that it threatens to divide our federation…This is not an outcome we can accept.”  Read more from H&H

Please check back later this evening for my top 5 ridiculous thoughts from the USEA convention.  Go eventing.
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