USEF Supports FEI’s Progressive Bute List

The USEF released a statement today in support of the FEI’s decision to allow bute and other NSAID’s at competitions.

The USEF is supportive of the rule change allowing certain non-steroidal medications included on the “Progressive List” passed at the FEI General Assembly in Copenhagen earlier this month. The list includes medications that would be allowed in FEI competitions and which are already permitted in USEF competitions. 

These medications are not considered by WADA to be performance enhancing in human athletes and because of this distinction, they are not prohibited. While it is the human athlete that is solely responsible in making the decision to use these non-performance enhancing medications, it is the responsibility of the FEI to protect and ensure the welfare of our equine partners. By placing restrictions on the use of the NSAIDs to include low level administrations and continuing a rigorous program of veterinary examinations and inspections, the FEI is providing for equine welfare while still prohibiting the non-judicious use of these and other medications consistent with the Clean Sport initiative…”  Read the full press release

Major US media outlets are starting to give the story more attention, and I will be interested to see if this increased attention leads to more reaction from the US public.  In particular, I would recommend Sarah Lieser’s article at the Chronicle, which is the first acknowledgement in a major news outlet of the story that we reported on Friday of a possible Eurpoean boycott of the WEGs.  Look for other sites to pick up on this over the next few days. 

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