FEI’s Progressive List Delayed Until Revote in November 2010, Zero-Tolerance on PL NSAIDs Stands


From FEI Press Release:

…In line with the Bureau’s earlier decision, the present Equine Prohibited List and its accompanying Rules and Veterinary Regulations will remain in effect until 4 April 2010. As of 5 April 2010, the FEI will implement the 20 October Prohibited Substances List, a more detailed version of the present Equine Prohibited List which received no specific objections during the four-week pre-General Assembly consultation period.

At the 2010 General Assembly [in November], National Federations will have the opportunity to vote on the policy issue of whether the FEI should allow the restricted use of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), provided the levels are limited and are deemed by the List Group not to threaten horse welfare and not to be performance enhancing.  Full Press Release

So what does this all mean?  I wanted to make sure that the implementation of the ’20 October List’ indeed meant that the progressive list was indeed delayed, and that zero-tolerance stood, so I sent the FEI an email.  Here is an excerpt of my email, and the FEI’s response.

1) Eventing Nation’s Question: Am I correct in understanding that the implementation of the 20 October list means that the zero tolerance policy will stand until the 2010 assembly, and that the progressive list has been postponed? 

FEI’s Response: “Correct”

2) Eventing Nation’s Question: In Princess Haya’s 8 December letter to NF’s, she wrote “The General Assembly considered two options: the “20 October List” and the “Progressive List.” The Progressive List classified specified NSAIDs up to certain levels as permitted medications and removed them from the Prohibited Substances category of the 20 October List.”  The [18 December] press release states that the ’20 October List’ will go into effect on 5 April 2010, so I just want to make sure that this means that the ‘specified NSAID’s’ will remain on the prohibited substances category and will not be allowed at competitions in any level.

FEI’s Response: “Correct”

My take: As many of you know, we were critical of the FEI’s handling of this process in the early stages.  However, the FEI’s Communication Manager, Malina Gueorguiev has answered every single one of Eventing Nation’s questions clearly and promptly throughout the process.
If you read Eventing Nation’s coverage of the USEA convention, you would have heard about the progressive list delay being leaked at the convention.
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