Flashback Friday Video from World Equestrian Brands: Rick Wallace at River Glen in 1989

Back in the day River Glen Horse Trials, in Newmarket, TN, was known for its gnarly cross country track. Between its gauntlet of rough-hewn obstacles and enough changes in altitude to make riders’ ears pop, the event was a magnet for thrill-seekers — like then 20-something year old Rick Wallace.

In this 1989 video he tackles the Open Intermediate course on Ultimate Trial, who would go on to be Rick’s first Advanced horse. The story of their partnership is a great one — EN featured it in our “The One That Started It All” series here.

River Glen’s fall event takes place this weekend, Nov. 12-13. While the course has since “come down off the mountain,” there’s still plenty to do out there as Bill Graves and his crew are constantly building new jumps and revising old ones.

If you’re in the area, they’re still looking for a couple cross country jump judges for Sunday (email Kathy at [email protected]). It’s supposed to be a cool, beautiful weekend so come on out!

River Glen H.T.: Website, Entries, Ride Times