Four Companies That Should Start Sponsoring Eventers

We stumbled upon this tweet from GJM Eventing, depicting a show jump sponsored by popular clothing company, H&M, and it got us thinking: why shouldn’t some of these “non-horsey” companies start sponsoring some events? Think about it: it’s a relatively untapped market, and with the popularity (whether we like it or not) of equestrian themed fashion and alcohol dependency the fact that eventers love to have a good time, these companies just might hit a gold mine of new customers.

So, naturally, we started thinking about companies who we’d love to see sponsor some events. Can you imagine? Boyd Martin outfitted in Red Bull gear, a la Travis Pastrana, and then heading to the Budweiser Party Tent to rub elbows with the adoring massses after his cross country ride at Rolex. The possibilities are endless!

1. H&M

Inexpensive, fashion forward clothing. While their “riding pants” and “tall boots” may not quite meet the standard for everyday wear, we think taking advantage of the prevalent equestrian theme in today’s fashion sense would be extremely marketable. And really, some of us have no fashion sense outside of the barn (or inside it, if you’re Dom Schramm, evidently!), so a little help with the clothes we wear in public may not be a bad thing.

Just think: "It gives Boyd wings, grow your own now!" Photo by Samantha Clark.

Just think: “It gives Boyd wings, grow your own now!” Photo by Samantha Clark.

2. Red Bull

It gives you wings, right? Who doesn’t need an extra set of those when we’re getting ready to leave the start box? Given the fact that horses lend us our wings on a daily basis, we feel it would be a great way to give back by growing wings of our own, courtesy of Red Bull. Just don’t sue them when the wings fail to appear, like this guy did.

The Budweiser Clydesdales hang out in paddocks at Poplar Place Farm. Photo courtesy of Marjolein Geven.

The Budweiser Clydesdales hang out in paddocks at Poplar Place Farm. Photo courtesy of Marjolein Geven.

3. Budweiser

Let’s be honest here, we all find ourselves in need of a little help from time to time to calm our nerves or relax after a long day at the barn. Plus, Budweiser already has the Clydsedale team, which has garnered them thousands of equine enthusiast fans. Can you imagine if the opening ceremonies at WEG included a parade from the Clydesdales? Or celebrating your victory gallop lead by a team complete with a Dalmation and a fancy red wagon? The possibilities are literally endless.

We’d also love to see a Bud Light stand at the end of each cross country course. Trust us, this would do very, very well.

More of this, please!

More of this, please!

4. GoPro

While the fate of helmet cams is still being decided, we’re hoping to hear the word that we can resume usage of these handy little devices in the new season. Think of all the ways helmet cams could be utilized if GoPro were to hand out a handful at each event? There could be a “best refusal” compilation, a “most vocal” award, and so many more.

GoPro also makes countless variations of mounts, meaning we can put GoPros on our chests, our horse’s girth, slap it on the breastplate, or even find a way to rig it to their browband if we’re really feeling adventurous. GoPro, are you listening? Plenty of golden opportunities right here.

So there you have it, folks, our Christmas list of companies we want to see sponsoring events in the near future. Would you add any to our list? Tiffany prize packages for event winners? Hanes on hand for those inevitable and unfortunate looking dunks into the water complex? Post your ridiculous ideas in the comments below!


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