Frenchman Thomas Carlile Leads Barbury ERM Dressage + North American Roundup

Thomas Carlile and Upsilon.

Thomas Carlile and Upsilon. Photo by Clarke.

France’s Thomas Carlile has taken the early lead in the third leg of the Event Rider Masters series at Barbury. He and Upsilon, a 9-year-old Anglo Arab stallion, scored a 30.8, a new ERM record dressage mark and tied the Barbury CIC3* record set by Lucinda Fredericks and Headley Britannia in 2008.

Thomas commented, “He is a very special horse with so much power and he just delivers that bit of extra spark when he has to, seducing the dressage judges and his fans. He’s such a teammate and a modern event horse and we will need to jump clear in the show jumping and be fast tomorrow on cross country if we are to win, but he is up to that and I will enjoy the pressure.”

Andrew Nicholson (NZL) and Nereo. Photo by Clarke.

Andrew Nicholson (NZL) and Nereo, his 2017 Badminton winning mount, are second on a 34.9, a personal best for the pair. Andrew is in the hunt for a second ERM win this season and a sixth consecutive Barbury CIC3* win.

“I think it might have helped us going after Upsilon’s beautiful test,” Nicholson says. “It made me and Nereo raise our game. Yes there was pressure, but that’s why we compete at this level.”

Jesse Campbell and Kaapachino. Photo by Clarke.

Jesse Campbell (NZL) and Kaapachino round out the top three on a 36.1.

“He was super,” Jesse says. “It’s always nice to perform well at your local event, as we are based just over the hill from Barbury. He is a very experienced horse and good thoroughbreds tend to give you their hearts, and that’s what he’s done for me today.”

Three North Americans are contesting the ERM Barbury leg:

Hannah Sue Burnett (USA) and RF Demeter, a 15-year-old Oldenburg mare owned by Ms. Jacqueline Mars, are the highest placed of three North American pairs contesting the ERM CIC3*. They sit 19th on a 46.2, a very respectable score for this still new relationship. Hannah Sue says she is hopeful for a little better score next time, but that she and the mare are still getting to know one another.

Barbury’s vibrant atmosphere was putting horses on their toes throughout the day, and Hannah Sue says “Demi” picked up when she entered at A. “My horse definitely went in and got a little more excited than she was in the warm-up, but she really tried her best and it was really fun with the music in the background.” (ERM riders can choose their own music, and Hannah Sue went with a medley of Journey’s “Anyway You Want It” and “Don’t Stop Believing.”)

Of the event, she said, “It’s beautiful. I’ve never been to Barbury. This is my first summer in the UK so I’m just loving every moment.”

Lauren Kieffer (USA) and D.A. Duras, a 9-year-old Dutch Warmblood gelding owned by Debbie Adams and Ms. Jacqueline Mars, sit 24th on a score of 48.0.

“His trot work is some of the best he’s done, and he got a little excited at the end, but I’m really pleased with him,” she said. “It’s a lot of atmosphere for a young horse, which is why we brought him here.”

There’s plenty of mileage to be gained at Barbury, between the spectators and the other divisions simultaneously underway.

“He hasn’t been to places like this,” Lauren says. “It’s a lot for fit horses to have cross country running in the background and then to keep their mind on the dressage.”

She looks forward to tomorrow’s cross country and show jumping phases. “He’s a really good jumping horse,” she says. “It’s his time to shine … The ground is firm but the Americans are used to it!”

Rebecca Howard (CAN) and Riddle Master, a 16-year-old Canadian Sport Horse owned by Blythe Hill Farm, will head into cross country in 27th position. “Rupert” got a bee in his bonnet, so to speak, circling the arena before their test, which carried into the ring.

“He hasn’t been in an atmosphere or environment really at all this year,” she says. “He’s a spooky horse, he notices everything. Tensions were high when we trotted in … He was beautiful in the warm-up, he was lovely. We seem to be a bit well practiced at winning the warmup and finding the atmosphere a bit much.”

ERM CIC3* Dressage Top 10:

Additional North American results from the day:


Liz Halliday-Sharp (USA) and Carpe Diem, 13th on 53.0

Madison Penfound (CAN) and Fidelia, 27th on 58.9

Tiana Coudray (USA) and Under the Clocks, 35th on 61.5

Top 10 After Show Jumping:

CIC2* Section C

Liz Halliday-Sharp (USA) and Deniro Z, 1st on 41.3

Lauren Kieffer (USA) and Landmarks Monte Carlo, 6th on 46.3

Tiana Coudray (USA) and Cancaras Girl, 44th on 75.2

Rebecca Howard (CAN) and Little Britannia, 48th on 80.1

Madison Penfound (CAN) and QEH Ocean Voyage, 51st on 84.4

Katherine Coleman (USA) and Monte Classico, withdrawn before cross country

Final top 10:

CIC2* Section D

Rebecca Howard (CAN) and Britannia’s Mail, 42nd on 72.1

Logan Duffort (USA) and Voltage De La Nouee, 63rd on 91.0

Final top 10:

CIC2* Section E

Lauren Kieffer (USA) and Veronica, 21st on 60.6

Mackenna Shea (USA) and Landioso, 25th on 61.2

Christina Henriksen (USA) and Cayr Della Caccia, 58th on 87.3

Final top 10:

Barbury continues tomorrow with CIC3* show jumping and cross country. Stay tuned!

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