Friday Fashion Forecast: Foot Huggies Equestrian Boot Socks

Foot Huggies Equestrian Boot Socks Foot Huggies Equestrian Boot Socks

“What’s in your boot?” That’s the question Foot Huggies asks riders. For me, I’m always on the lookout for cute boot socks. I love bright colors, fun patterns, and something that shows my personality. Because, let’s be honest, at a show or around the barn, the majority of the time I’m wearing tennis shoes or boots. Field boots and dress boots are expensive, so I don’t want to put unnecessary wear on them by walking a two-mile cross country course or mucking stalls in them between rides. So fun socks are a must!

Foot Huggies – EVENTER
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The problem is, most of my cute socks were never meant to last. My toes and heels poke through the flimsy fabric like some sort of equestrian hobo. My feet ache because of the utter lack of support. So I find myself shopping in the baseball sock section of the local sporting goods store, for tall socks with better strength and support. But these only come in plain black, or worse: dorky stripes like we wore in high school softball. Those were great for softball, but I politely refuse to wear them now as an adult equestrian.

Then I found Foot Huggies Equestrian Boot Socks! When I first discovered these I was instantly drawn to them — as an eventer I’m constantly spreading the word about our sport, and always trying to convince my hunter/jumper friends to “come to the dark side.” I adore the fact that you can wear your discipline with pride, right on your socks!

The best part about Foot Huggies is they do exactly what they promise — they hug your foot. They have wonderful support and cushion for walking your cross country course twice, but they are lean enough to fit in your boots without additional bulk.  They come in fun colors too!  Foot Huggies were designed by a fellow equestrian, Jeffi Girgenti, who is a manicurist by day, and jumper rider by passion.  She was on the hunt for a perfect boot sock, so she figured she might as well design one herself!  And all of the Foot Huggies are made right here in the USA.

Have a barn logo, equestrian shop, or team?  You can even have your own custom logo socks!  This is a cool process — they don’t print your logo on the socks.  They KNIT your logo into the sock itself.

Foot Huggies – DRESSAGE

These socks definitely hold up to my abuse.  Walking miles a day, back and forth from pasture to pasture, pacing while teaching lessons, and riding 5-7 horses, I can certainly say these are coziest socks ever!

The best part?  Use the code “eventer2017” for 20% off your order at!

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Final Review

Cost: $$
Excitement: *** 3 Stars
Durability: **** 4 Stars
Variety: ** 2 Stars