Friday Fashion Forecast: Rockfish Wellies from Shires USA

Shires USA - Rockfish Wellington Magenta Gloss
pc: Amy Nelson Shires USA - Rockfish Wellington Magenta Gloss pc: Amy Nelson

As autumn is in full swing in many regions of eventing, we are faced with changing temperatures & precipitation. Depending on your area, rain, sleet, or (dare I say it?) snow could be in the forecast this fall. But that doesn’t stop you from trudging out to the pasture, catching your pony, and prepping for the next event/clinic/colorful hack. What does stop you? HOLES.

It appears my clothing choices as an “equestrian hobo” are full of holes. Holes in my socks. Holes in my pants (embarrassing ones at that I discovered this week) … and (gasp) … holes in my muck boots. There’s no worse feeling than slopping through a wet, gooey pasture, only to find holes in your boots. Soaked muddy socks, then stuffed into your expensive field boots, make for freezing feet and grumpy riding. The solution?  Shires USA!

Shires USA – Rockfish Wellington Dragonfly Matte
pc: Shires USA.

Take a look at one option at Shires … the super cute Rockfish Wellington Boots! They come in fun colors — gloss or matte — and are adjustable on the top. This type of top is fantastic … if you’ve ever led a horse that likes to shuffle their feet, they somehow kick up rocks and even poo, up and over into your boots? EW! This top keeps unwanted debris, and even rain, out.  Shires USA even carries neoprene lined Wellies for those of us in eventing areas that suffer from WINTER!

The difference is in the rubber. Rockfish hand makes theirs with a specific formula to resist cracks. That way for the cost of say three other pairs of muck boots, you can purchase ONE pair of Rockfish Wellies.  That means fewer wet feet and fewer old boots in landfills.  Plus, they use more than 90% sustainable materials in every pair.

As a trainer of a small show stable in Illinois, I turn out all our client horses myself. I clean all our stalls myself. I ride 5-7 horses each day and teach dozens of lessons each week. The key to my sanity is dry, comfortable feet this time of year. These boots are super comfortable, look great, and Shires USA is easy to navigate. I do most of my shopping in a haze over coffee … so that’s super important!

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Final Review

Cost: $$$
Excitement: ** 2 Stars
Durability: *** 3 Stars
Variety: ** 2 Stars