Friday Fashion Forecast: GO PINK with ManeJane

October is breast cancer awareness month, and what better way to show your support than with adorable pink ribbon spur straps and a matching croc pink leather belt! Introducing ManeJane, a California-based U.S. company run by a woman named Shelby Flowers with a dream.An attorney by day, but a weekend warrior equestrian, she set out to spice up the world of rider accessories. They have hundreds of design and color combinations, so you can customize your spur straps to match your eventing theme and style. They even have a line pink ribbons for breast cancer awareness month in October!!

I’ll admit, when I first came across ManeJane, I was like a kid in a candy store. I immediately fell head over heels for the sparkles and bling, a bit rare in our sport of tradition. I adored the patent leather and colorful thread options. But could these spur straps REALLY survive me? The last time I ventured out and got a pair a sparkly spur straps they lasted a week. A WEEK! And don’t get me started on the red patent leather paddock boots I had to have (let’s just say whole chunks of shiny material was peeling off like flakes of broken dreams).

I was delighted to find that Mane Jane spur straps have held up extremely well. I only use them for shows, given how special they are I’d hate to ruin them in the muck of daily use. But with regular showing — using them on all three phases and schooling — the patent leather has not cracked at all. They look as nice as the first day they arrived! Even after a long, dirty cross country schooling day as seen in this photo.

Amy Nelson’s custom anchor with teal stitching spur straps. PC: RL Boston

I love the attention to detail with ManeJane. They were with me every step of the way in the customizing process. I have a Training level horse named River, so I wanted little anchors with teal stitching. I lost my cousin Kelly too soon to ovarian cancer, so I wanted the detail of teal her honor. They went the extra mile to make sure it matched my horse’s saddle pad and ear bonnet, along with the teal ribbon of ovarian cancer awareness.

For my Prelim horse Ace, we rock skull & crossbones … they sent several options of ideas in a mock up so I could see what the product might look like before it was made and sent out.  And everything is handmade right here in the US!

PC: ManeJane

ManeJane is not just about spur straps either. For breast cancer awareness month, they have the cutest pink belts! All the belts in their collection are reversible — you can have a fancy croc pattern on one side to go with your shadbelly, and the other matte side is great for cross country. The buckle is made of steel so even I can’t manage to break it. The best part? The buckle, shaped like a stirrup iron, won’t scratch your saddle if you have a ridiculous celebratory dismount when you cross the finish line!

PC: ManeJane

All of ManeJane’s accessories are fashion forward with a hint of tradition to look fabulous at the big shows. I adore the subtlety of custom spur straps, so I can sneak a blingy skull into my dressage test, and still look dressed to the nines as I halt and salute. 

Here is the best part: use the code “NELSON” at for 20% off your order! Find them on Instagram @manejane7 and on Facebook.

Final Review

Cost: $$ (spur straps) – $$$$ (belts)
Excitement: **** 4 Stars
Durability: **** 4 Stars
Variety: **** 4 Stars