Friday Fashion Forecast: Voler Caliber Vellum Rain Jacket

It seems like most areas of eventing in 2019 are turning into a rain forest. The deluge we have experienced so far the season has been breaking records all over, and canceling countless shows, cross country phases, and schooling days. The rare rides we do manage to get are amidst endless moisture.  Be prepared to get rained on, with the Voler Caliber Vellum rain jacket.

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This week’s Friday Fashion Forecast is a necessary and exciting item, fashionable and fun, but unfortunately if we talk about it, we are admitting that it will in fact rain while we ride. I have been hesitant to write this review, not because the product isn’t fantastic (which it IS, and comes highly recommended) … but by talking about the need for rain gear I am actually saying you will need rain gear for eventing. Because it keeps raining. A lot. During an event. During practice. During schooling. My theory of ignoring the elephant in the room has not made the rain go away. So here it is.

Amy Nelson in the Voler Caliber Vellum rain jacket.

Voler has an amazing water-resistant rain jacket — the Caliber Vellum Jacket — that comes in three colors for women and men: bright Orange to cheer up the gloomiest cross country rounds, with classic Black or elegant White for dressage and show jumping when formal attire is waived in lieu of rain gear. The rain jacket is made of waterproof material with vents so that you do not roast during hot summer competitions.

(Un)fortunately I have been able to test this in all types of conditions and I can absolutely say it is by far my favorite rain jacket of all time! I have tested it in big fat rain, stinging pelleted rain, sideways rain, and rain that seems to come up from the ground. Cold rain, hot rain, and everything in between. At a recent show in Kansas City, it was unseasonably cold. It poured with temps in the 50s, and I was pleasantly surprised that I could layer every warm clothing item under the Voler Caliber rain jacket and still be able to move.

Amy Nelson in the Voler Caliber Vellum rain jacket at MCPC H.T. in Kansas City, coaching student Dena on Hummingbird’s First Commander.

The fit is absolute perfection. Compared to some other rain gear that I have use in the past, the Voler rain jacket is made of a soft, stretchy material that moves with you. It is perfect for performance sports because it was originally designed for cyclists, who coincidentally ride in the same positions as equestrians. The race fit makes you look like a polished competitor, not like the Gorton’s Fisherman. It is longer in the back, so you don’t have rain dripping down the rear of your breeches, yet not so long that you sit on it in the saddle. Seriously — you have enough to worry about when it’s pouring rain without the uncomfortable feeling of rain running down your “regions.”

Even if your ride is not rainy, the Voler Vellum jacket is an excellent wind breaker as well. And the design allows your colors or show attire to peak through.

Voler Caliber Vellum rain jacket in white.

The reflective elements on the back of the jacket are perfect for hacking around busy areas where you might encounter traffic in lower light — how often have you mounted for warm up when it’s barely daylight? Thanks to its sleek design you can easily roll it up to keep handy in your ringside bag as a “just in case,” or ditch it before your ride if by some miracle the rain actually stops!

I absolutely recommend the Voler Caliber Vellum rain jacket … and if you use the code HORSE you get 15% off (discount will show up on the final page at checkout)! Like Voler Apparel? Check out their other products! Follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

Really we need to all get one — because you know it is inevitable, if everyone orders a rain jacket it will not rain the rest of the year! This is science, people. So do your part for the eventing community and order one today so that this ridiculous over-abundance can stop and we can get back to enjoying the sport we love!

Voler Caliber Vellum rain jacket. pc:

Here is the best part: order ANYTHING from and use the code “HORSE” at checkout for 15% off your entire order!

Final Review – out of 4 STARS

Cost: $$ – $$$
Excitement: *** 3 Stars
Durability: *** 3 Stars
Variety: *** 3 Stars

Voler Caliber Vellum rain jacket. Photo courtesy of