Friday Morning Dressage Open Thread

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We’ll be back later with a separate afternoon open thread. All .gifs are courtesy of the USEF Network. All score reports are provisional, so be sure to click on the above link to the scoreboard for official scores.

Kim didn’t get Fernhill Fearless on the horse’s best day today. The movement quality and changes weren’t as good as they can be, but, as usual, Kim squeezed every single point possible out of the test with extremely accurate riding.

After her ride, Lindsey is stopped on the way out by Sandy Phillips for a conversation about her serpentines being too large

Lindsey Oaks and Enchantez gave the crowd a hometown ride to cheer for — Lindsey is based right here in Lexington, KY. Karen commented on the USEF Network that their ride was just a little hurried and would have benefitted a lot from a little more preparation before each movement.

Lauren and Veronica have each been to Rolex once before, but they are first timers at Rolex together. They had the best trot half passes of Rolex so far.

Seamless flying change for P Dutty and “Cave”

Bobby Meyerhoff’s top hat takes a tumble

Hannah Burnett works through sensitive aids on the very fit Harbour Pilot and produced some lovely movements

Jan Bynny and Inmidair leave the arena in complete relaxation after a great test


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