Friday News and Notes: Now Brought to You in Sentence Form

Dressage tests: there’s an app for that.

In New Zealand, if your horse escapes onto a highway and a car hits it, you are liable.

$30,000US is up for grabs at the Ocala CCI**, which is what Kobe makes in about 6 minutes.

A new European Equestrian Federation was just formed, no word yet on whether Turkey is allowed in or whether England will covert its currency.

Will Faudree won a blue ribbon at a dog show, which is the same number of blue ribbons he has won in eventing the last 10 months.

Some moron has started a petition to end equestrian sports. Thanks to The Carrot for finding this one.

On Thursday, a circus Zebra escaped and ran onto an Atlanta freeway, leading police on a 40 minute chase: “all of a sudden a freaking Zebra comes running down the street like a car.

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