Friday News & Notes

When you’re just trying to take a nice photo of the sunset with your horse. Photo by Wendy Davenport.

There is a comment thread on OTTB United on Facebook asking people for the best Thoroughbred name they’ve ever encountered, and I am here for it. My current favorites are Likeuonlyprettier, Gottatwobeerbuzz, Aaaaaaar, and Tapit At Midnight. We always talk about terrible race names, but occasionally there are some pretty funny people trying to figure out how to work with the Jockey Club requirements and it’s worth it.

U.S. Weekend Preview:

Horse Trials at Majestic Oaks: [Website] [Entries]

Fresno County Horse Park Combined Test: [Website] [Schedule]

News From Around the Globe:

CBD, what’s it all about? Ask the Vet is back with a special episode centered around the hottest supplement ingredient right now, CBD! SmartPaker Dan and Dr. Lydia Gray, SmartPak Staff Veterinarian, Research and Medical Director, answer five of the most common questions that we’ve gotten from viewers and customers about CBD, including what is CBD, how do I start a horse on a CBD supplement, research questions, showing a horse who is taking CBD, and more. [CBD For Horses]

Best of Blogs: You Don’t Have To Be a Competitive Athlete To Make a Difference

How do you talk about your horse? Changing the way you describe your horse can be the key to developing better emotional fitness. Emotional fitness includes your patience, kindness, and empathy towards other beings, especially your horse. If your horse makes you nervous or frustrated, there are options outside of calling him a jerk or an a**hole. Read more to find out how to become a better trainer through simple mental steps from Tik Maynard. [What You Say About Your Horse Says More About You]

With winter well and established, it’s time to talk about safety with water heaters. You won’t be surprised to hear that colic is the number one leading cause of equine death, but the second one is electrocution. So, better make sure your not going to murder your horse while preventing ice. [When Waterers Bite Back]

Coronavirus continues to delay the British Eventing season. Originally slated to start at the beginning of March, BE has now confirmed that the earliest date for competition will be the 26th of March. With the extended lockdown and the new strain of the virus causing more issues in England, we hope that British eventers get a spring season this year. [BE Delays Start of Competition for 2021]