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Sunrise over Plantation Field = A+. Photo courtesy of Cindy Lawler's FB.

Sunrise over Plantation Field = A+. Photo courtesy of Cindy Lawler’s FB.

Yesterday I celebrated the fall weather by taking Nyls cross country schooling, which is always a great combination of super fun times and hilariously stupid times, as he spooks sideways violently as he passes every jump, but locks onto the most insane tiny angle of a corner like a beast. After ten years together, I’ve just developed a sense of humor about it. Who cares if he spooks at passing jumps, as long as he focuses up in time to jump the one in front of him? I wish I could bottle the feeling he gives when he over jumps a huge brush fence and lands with pure glee at a full gallop. It’s amazing.

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U.S. Weekend Preview:

Stoneleigh-Burnham School Fall H.T. [Website]

Plantation Field CIC & H.T.  [Website] [Ride Times] [Live Scores]

Marlborough H.T.  [Website] [Entry Status]

Tryon Riding & Hunt Club H.T. [Website] [Entry Status] [Ride Times]

Fleur de Leap H.T.  [Website] [Entry Status] [Ride Times]

Otter Creek Fall H.T.  [Website] [Entry Status]

Twin Rivers Fall H.T.  [Website] [Entry Status/Ride Times]

Stanton Farms H.T.  [Website] [Entry Status]

Stone Gate Farm H.T.  [Website] [Entry Status/Ride Times]

News From Around The Globe:

Current World Champion Sandra Auffarth leads Blenheim CCI3* after day one with Ispo. Sandra took individual silver last week at the European Championships, and has put herself in good position with this horse for this weekend. Ispo is a relatively new ride for Sandra, and this is their best test to date. Jonelle Price is leading the CIC3* with Cloud Dancer. [Blenheim Day One Standings]

Point Two is giving away 1,000 new Air Vests. That’s right. One. Thousand. New Air Vests! This opportunity comes on the heels of Point Two announcing the grand opening of their new manufacturing plant in Wellington, Florida. As the leading Air Vest manufacturer in the U.S., Point Two has it going on. This offer is only open to USEA members. [Free Air Vests]

Eventer Sean McQuillan knows a thing or two about the hardships of Eventing, and this beautifully written blog speaks to the tough nature of the sport. I don’t even think I can properly summarize this blog, so here’s an excerpt: “The relationships we form with our equine friends are such a deeply personal, emotional experience. There is something magical in the bond that forms between horse and rider. The trust they put in us is not to be taken lightly. We as riders have a duty to them to not abuse that trust and to always have their best interests at heart. We need to be honest about the big picture and not just our own desires even if that means ending the relationship.”. [When Dreams Come Up Against Reality]

Ah, the age old question. Can you get a DWI while riding a horse? Well, technically, yes. However, Louisiana resident Jake Williams discovered that sometimes you just get a Public Intoxication ticket. He did have the sense to not drive his truck and trailer home while drunk, but instead decided “the horse knows the way home”. Famous last words? [Drunk Dude Rides Horse]

“Butter soft deerskin”?? I’ll be honest, you had me at butter, because that is my lifeblood. Any type of leather that is described as butter, well, you know what it feels like. Silky smooth, conforms to your body, soft to the touch. But then they added deerskin and I knew they would also be hard wearing. What am I talking about? Oh, these ridiculously comfy and stylish SSG Pro Show Deerskin gloves. Which you definitely need. [SmartPak Product of the Day]

#TBT: Triplicate Take Two

Plantation CIC* 2014 water complex:

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