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Virginia in the fall? Yes please. Photo by Kate Samuels.

Not a terrible view. Photo by Kate Samuels.

Thank goodness it’s Friday! I am very much looking forward to the weekend, because at this time of the year, a weekend is actually…a weekend! I get to relax a little bit, instead of traveling or competing. Don’t get me wrong, I love both of those things, but I also love hanging out at home, baking, spending time with my friends, and cultivating my love of obscure movies. Also, I’m pretty busy looking up recipes for pies for Thanksgiving, so far the top selection is a Chocolate Pecan Pie. Pretty sure it’s going to be the best thing ever, and I will probably have to bake at least one before the holiday, you know, for testing purposes.

North American Weekend Preview:

Poplar Place Farm November H.T. [Website] [Entry Status]

Texas Rose Horse Park H.T.  [Website] [Entry Status]

FEI Global Weekend Preview:

National One Day Event Championships (NZL) CIC1/2/3*  [Entries]

Ravenna (ITA) CIC1/2/3* [Website] [Entries]

News From Around The Globe:

In the show jumping world, Cortes C and Rothchild could not be more different, but they both have incredibly unique styles. Beezie Madden triumphed in the $250,000 CP Grand Prix with the big black Cortes C, but she certainly earned her eventing stripes with that galloping distance to the last fence (see the video below!). Rothchild, who seems initially faster, lost a few seconds with his shorter stride, and the fact that he didn’t take off twenty feet from the final over! [Beezie Takes A Risk, It Pays Off]

What’s a day in the life of top British National Hunt trainer like? I love hearing about different training barns, and the ins and outs of racing barns is fascinating. I think the approach in Europe is far superior to that of America (sorry guys) because they have long hacks to and fro the gallops, and they use hills! Check out a day in the life of top trainer Paul Nicholls, and how he gets his racehorses in top shape. [Day In The Life of a Champion Trainer]

Rescuing a horse can be more work than you think, and the process makes me appreciate the well organized equine rescues that do this job. Starvation cases are de riguer, but can take months of careful feeding and particular programs to get them simply back to a healthy weight. The financial burdens of veterinary care, farrier attention and training to make these horses available to re-enter society is staggering. Many of these horses are perfectly useful and delightful as riding horses, but the care needed to get them back to a regular baseline is pretty impressive. My hat is off to you, rescues! [The Cost of Rescuing A Horse]

Pretty sure that one of my favorite things about winter is buying boots….for myself for once! I spend all year buying sweet boots for my horse, but then when winter comes, I can finally indulge in boots to keep my toes warm while I’m mucking stalls and tromping through mud and snow and ice. I saw these Solstice All Terrain Waterproof Winter Boots the other day, and I’ve been harboring a deep desire for them ever since. Shoes are a woman’s downfall, right? That is, after horses. [Solstice All Terrain Winter Boots from SmartPak]

An absolutely unbelievable side-by-side comparison of McLain Ward & Beezie Madden in the $250,000 CP Grand Prix.

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