Friday News & Notes from Kentucky Equine Research

KER COO Eileen Phethean at the WEG feed consolidation point in Europe. Next stop for all these bags: Tryon! Photo courtesy of Saracen Horse Feeds.

Have you ever wondered what goes into feeding all the horses at the FEI World Equestrian Games? We have a behind the scenes look thanks to Kentucky Equine Research, the Official Equine Nutritionist of Tryon 2018! This week, Kentucky Equine Research staff flew to Europe to process feeds gathered at the consolidation point. They’re taking inventory, collecting samples for naturally occurring prohibited substances (NOPS) analysis, and repairing bags damaged in transit, before packing it all into two 40-ft. refrigerated shipping containers.

Overall, they’re importing about 120 different feeds from nearly 20 European brands and will be offering an around 20 different feeds from a selection of U.S. brands as well. In addition, Kentucky Equine Research is coordinating with the federations, Peden, Dutta Corp., and U.S. regulatory agencies to facilitate the shipment of additional feeds with the horses, since in many cases final team selections are made after ocean freight containers depart to reach the U.S. in time for the competition.

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News From Around the Globe:

The World Equine Expo will run Sept. 11-23 during the FEI World Equestrian Games at Tryon 2018 and is set to feature a slew of exhibitions, demonstrations, authors and speakers. The EQUUS Film Festival and an extensive Art Festival will also bring more than 200 vendors to the venue. [World Equine Expo]

Waredaca is currently waiving all late fees with any post entries as a goodwill gesture to riders trying to get qualifications completed or just wanting to run. All late entries must be received by August 12 and paid via a credit card. [August HT Omnibus]

Did you know a racehorse running one mile in approximately two minutes will produce more than two gallons of sweat? Understanding the effects of dehydration in horses is extremely important in the summer. [Horse & Hound]

Keysoe Horse Trials in North Bedfordshire, England are so confident of their cross country ground conditions that they have pledged to refund start fees to anyone who does not agree. That’s a bold move! [Keysoe HT]