Friday News & Notes from World Equestrian Brands

It’s clipping season once again! Photo by Kate Samuels.

When I look back at the last decade, I honestly think the best advice I could give my younger self would be to find a good chiropractor (clarification: human chiropractor) and actually listen to him. When you’re in your twenties and older riders joke about how broken their bodies are, and they’re not even remotely joking. Get you a body work specialist early, and become their best friend.

National Holiday: National Chocolate Covered Cherry Day

News From Around the Globe:

Yesterday we celebrated the birthday of the one and only William Fox-Pitt! The man, the myth, the legend. One of a kind, super tall, extremely polite and multilingual, he is simply beyond compare. Horse & Hound compiled this list of career highlights to celebrate his contributions to the sport. [HBD WFP]

What does a rider like Boyd Martin have as New Year’s Resolutions? Let’s be real, nobody is surprised to see that getting through an entire year injury free is top of his list. However, there are some … more unusual wishes on the list? Read on. [Boyd Martin’s Resolutions]

Oh look, researchers are confirming stuff we already know. Turns out after a scientific study, scientists have concluded that horses are emotional sponges. Uh, yeah, we know that! Words and body language are certainly ways of communicating with horses, but more than that, they can pick up on our underlying emotions and aura while being handled. [Horses Are Emotional Sponges]

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