Friday News & Notes from World Equestrian Brands

Just an Olympic rider enjoying his morning cup of coffee with a view. Photo by Andrew Hoy.

Yesterday I played the treacherous game of “is-the-dirt-road-melted-yet”, which might be familiar to some of you. I live on a lovely dirt road, which is very useful for fitness in the winter, but after a snow it can be slightly risky. The shaded parts get pounded down by cars, and then turns into a hard sheet of ice, which you have to delicately tiptoe around, and hope to god your horse doesn’t spook and kill you both. Winter is so fun!

National Holiday: National Bittersweet Chocolate Day

U.S. Weekend Preview:

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News From Around the Globe:

Fitness fitness fitness…this is what makes the winter world go ’round! Formulating a competition plan for your year is hinged on your ability to form a proper fitness plan to accompany it, and that starts in the winter. This is built over weeks and weeks, but having a base knowledge of where to start and how to customize a plan for each horse is key. [Planning Your Horse’s Fitness Regime]

What makes British showjumping star Ben Maher tick? Turns out he prefers salad to pizza, Netflix to Amazon, and if he had to be a film star, it would be Hugh Grant in Notting Hill. Get to know him better in this quick-fire interview with Horse & Hound. [Ben Maher In Short]

Thoroughbred racehorse aftercare is simply a massive project. There are thousands of thoroughbreds every year that retire from their racing careers, and responsibly finding homes for all of them is an enormous task, even with all of the organizations dedicated to just that. Learning more about the process is integral to ensuring success in the future. [Emptying The Ocean With A Teaspoon: Thoroughbred Aftercare]

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