Friday News & Notes from World Equestrian Brands

Cali Johnson doing some magical roping on a young horse at Morningside. Photo by Morningside Eventing.

Despite this being the weirdest time in the literal world, this part of the year is my favorite. The magical time when the grass is coming in, everything is really bright green and the trees are poking out their first leaves, and the weather is usually pretty delightful. If you can, take a chance to enjoy some of the little things like sweet spring grass and budding flowers, as silly as it sounds.

National Holiday: National Tweed Day

News From Around the Globe:

Staying positive during this pandemic is tough, but maybe positivity isn’t what you think it is. Everyone on social media might be tempted to only post happy thoughts and photos, in an attempt to counteract the global feeling of dread, but it’s important to remember that it’s also okay to feel crummy. It’s okay to miss your horse, miss competing, miss your normal way of life. It’s also okay to appreciate the good things, even when they’re small. [Staying Postive with COVID-19]

During a time when many are only thinking about their own survival, one woman has dedicated herself to ensuring the survival of a neglected horse. Horse Nation brings us the story of Esther and Regal, a 20-year-old quarter horse gelding, who has a body score of 1 and is only 629 lbs. Faced with a long uphill climb, Esther is determined to use her time for good, and help this little gelding get back on his feet. [The Rehabilitation of Regal]

What does the equestrian community look like around the world? COTH readers sent in photos and stories of how they’re occupying their time with or without their horses from countries all over the globe. From the US, to Ireland, and all the way to Australia, it’s comforting to know we’re all in this together. [COVID Across the Globe]