Friday News & Notes from World Equestrian Brands

Dramatic spring in VA. Photo by Sarah McGovern.

My thoroughbred has an unerring ability to get a stupid injury on the few days surrounding his birthday every single year, and sure enough, his birthday is in two days, so he’s got me a lovely abscess this year! Last two years they were scalp lacerations though, so I suppose this is progress. And at least he’s not missing a competition because of it! He can take his sweet time with this abscess, and keep his shoe off for a week if he pleases.

National Holiday: National Bat Appreciation Day

News From Around the Globe:

Ah, Shetland ponies. Both a gift from God and a curse from the Devil all wrapped up in one extremely hairy, tiny little mischievous package. I myself started on a Shetland at the ripe age of 3, and she was everything a tiny tot could have dreamed of, and also quite skilled at dumping me. Here are some ridiculously adorable fancy show Shetlands that rocked the competitive world last year. [7 Charismatic and Cute Shetland Ponies]

With the 2020 World Cup Show Jumping Finals canceled, we’re taking at trip down memory lane with some fantastic previous winners. Even the eventing folk surely remember Shutterfly, who won in 2005 with Meredith Michaels-Beerbaum, despite only jumping two cross rails in warmup and then becoming unraveled due to the close proximity of other horses and unable to continue. Notoriously delicate in the mind, but brilliant in the ring, Shutterfly was Meredith’s horse of a lifetime. [Shutterfly The Brilliant Spook]

Considering a career change within the horse industry? You don’t have to be a groom or a rider to have a lifelong career in horses, as there are many other essential jobs that require just as much expertise. From broodmare manager to bloodstock agent, there are lots of ways you can fit into the equestrian world from the ground. [5 Equestrian Jobs You Might Like]

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