Friday News & Notes from World Equestrian Brands

Nothing to see here, just a ridiculously fluffy pony. Photo by Days End Farm Horse Rescue in Woodbine, Maryland.

Nothing is quite as exciting as rain in July, and if you don’t know what I mean, please move to Virginia and hang out for the summer. The “feels like” temperature on Monday was 116. One hundred and sixteen degrees. The grass gets crispy, the heat radiates from the sky and the ground, and the footing feels like concrete. So, two afternoons of thunderstorms and overnight rain are my idea of a midsummer gift, and I’ll take it.

National Holiday: National Tequila Day

U.S. Weekend Preview

Virginia HT & CCI: [Website] [Ride Times] [Live Scores]

The Event at Rebecca Farm: [Website] [Entries/Ride Times] [Live Stream] [Live Scores]

Horse Park of New Jersey HT: [Website] [Ride Times]

FENCE HT: [Website] [Entry Status]

Hunt Club Fars HT: [Website] [Entry Status]

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The USEA Events A-Z series rolls on with with War Horse Event Series. In 2020 this series of horse trials, which takes place at the Carolina Horse Park in Raeford, NC, offered USEA recognized divisions for Beginner Novice through Preliminary along with their unrecognized schooling show offering, which includes “Maiden” and “Green as Grass” levels and combined tests. [USEA Events A-Z: War Horse Event Series]

A team of scientists in England are working on an artificial intelligence program to analyze expressions of pain in horses. The team from Nottingham Trent University is working on the project which, it is hoped, will provide better understanding of how painful certain conditions are for horses. It is also hoped the information gained will lead to better treatments and monitoring of equine recovery. [AI Analyzing Facial Expressions of Pain]

Just 15 of the All Time Greatest Horse Quotes

In 1968, Bill Steinkraus became the first American to win an individual Olympic gold medal in equestrian sports. The horse? The immortal Snowbound, of course. An ex-racehorse who struggled for three years to win his first race, he was then popping around the hunter courses in California before John Galvin found him, and sent him to Bill. The rest is history. [Remembering Snowbound]

Book: The New Anatomy of Rider Connection by Mary Wanless

Best of Jumper Nation: National I Love Horses Day Wrap Up, Presented by Kentucky Performance Products

Hot on Horse Nation: How To Speed up a Slow-Thinking/Slow-Moving Horse

Podcast: In Equiratings’ latest Hall of Fame episode, Nicole and Catherine talks to the legendary Mary King. [Hall of Fame: #3 Mary King]

#FlashbackFriday: Speaking of legends…

Video: Your virtual riders briefing from The Event at Rebecca Farm. Don’t blow away out there, Sarah!

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