Friday News & Notes from World Equestrian Brands


Midwinter mood. Photo by Days End Horse Farm Rescue.

My horse has this dumb thing going on, which is that he whacked his ankle one day in the field, and he’s a massive sweller, so it blew up like a balloon. He also is a tight rope walker, and a general doofy moron, so because it’s slightly bigger than usual, he keeps whacking it in turnout. He’s not lame, and there isn’t actually anything wrong with him other than swelling, but now he has to go out in a tiny field and have it wrapped so he stops hitting himself. Can somebody explain to him how stupid this is? Nothing is so resilient and yet so fragile as a horse.

National Holiday: International Woman’s Day

Major Weekend Events:

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U.S. Weekend Preview:

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News From Around the Globe:

A tiny palomino mare winning at the Advanced level? We’re into it. Pandora, bred and owned by Laura Boyer, recently won her first Advanced horse trials at Twin Rivers just a few weeks ago. What she lacks in stature, she makes up for in heart and love of cross country. She started in the hunter and jumper rings, but has now found her true love in Eventing under the guidance of James Alliston. [Pandora Is More Than A Pretty Face]

Eventers from Greenville County, SC are rallying around trainer Janna Ritacco in order to preserve the Riverbend Equestrian Park. Used since 2011 as an incredible resource for equestrians everywhere, the REP has been a source of pony club events and ratings, schooling shows and clinics. The facility has served as the starting place for many young riders, as well as adults enjoying equestrian sports as well. The county is planning to terminate Janna’s lease and remove all equestrian activities from the facility, and the community is trying to save it. [Save Riverbend Equestrian Park]

CDCTA has announced a $1500 prize for the Novice level for the 2019 Spring Horse Trials. Awarded to the top four low score Novice entrants across all divisions, you must be a current CDCTA member to be eligible. Get ready Novice riders! You also must be present for awards wearing your dressage attire for photos. [CDCTA Novice Cash Prizes]

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Red Hills!!! Red Hills!!