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Our thoughts are with Piggy and Tom March, who unexpectedly lost Cupid March, the young stallion at the heart of their fledgling breeding programme, to a sudden colic earlier this week. Owning horses can be so replete with extraordinary highs, but the lows — particularly the ones that blindside you, like a colic can — are so low. We have no doubt that with their combined experience and unrivalled eye for a horse, they’ll have another exciting young stallion on the roster soon — but nothing can ever truly replace a horse you’ve loved.

U.S. Weekend Preview:

Chattahoochee Hills H.T. (Fairburn, GA): [Website] [Ride Times] [Scoring] [Volunteer]

SAzEA Spring H.T. (Tucson, AZ) : [Website] [Entries] [Scoring] [Volunteer]

Southern Pines H.T. (Raeford, NC) : [Website] [Entries] [Ride Times] [Scoring] [Volunteer]

Full Gallop Farm March I H.T. (Aiken, SC) : [Website] [Entries] [Volunteer]

News From Around the Globe:

Picking the perfect coach is a little bit like finding the right horse. It’s not always an easy process, and sometimes you have to try a bunch that don’t quite work before you land on the right fit for you — but waiting for the best match is always worth the wait in the long run. The right coach, like the right horse, will make learning fun, even on the crap days, and will fill you with confidence while you tackle things beyond your comfort zone. Here’s an interesting read on how, and why, to take the time to get it right.

Is the whip on its way out? Captain Mark Phillips thinks so — and, he reckons, if we want to survive as a sport, we need to get used to that fact sooner rather than later. His latest column for Horse&Hound focuses on the shifting nature of sport amid the beady eyes of social licence, as well as some of the key topics debated at this year’s FEI Eventing Forum. It’s a salient read, and one that raises some very thoughtful points into the debate.

Reckon you’d like a job in a breeding shed? Being a broodmare manager has some seriously cool moments — hello, playing with adorable foals! — but is also a seriously tough role. (Also, foals kick.) Find out more about the qualifications needed and the expectations within the job here.

If you’re a Wordle player, you probably had a big day the other day. Unless, of course, you don’t use ‘horse’ as your starting word, and then maybe you feel a bit like you were left out of all the fun. My starting word is ‘auger’, so I feel ya.

Are you in charge of a bunch of barn rats? Sign them up for this free online course aimed at teens, which focuses on equine diseases and prevention, and is free for a limited time!

Watch This:

Tune in for live dressage from Montelibretti, where the First Nations Cup of the year is underway!

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