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Some of my very favourite events are those that really create a family of the wider team around them — and one of the ways they do that is by treating their volunteers as the essential workers they are and showing their appreciation accordingly. I love that Stable View in Aiken makes sure that their volunteers get a celebration to acknowledge all they do — and boy, are some of those goodies and prizes appealing! If I lived on that side of the pond, doing some volunteer hours there in 2024 would definitely be on my priority list.

News from Around the Globe:

It’s a good day to be a Canadian Mounted Police Horse. When the RCMP put out a call to action to find retirement homes for its Musical Ride mounts, they didn’t quite expect the deluge of interest they’d receive — over a thousand applications in 24 hours, as it happens!

We’ve said some sad farewells to some great horses this year. From Olympic gold medalists to rising star stallions, the logbook of losses covers a wide gamut of talent — and Horse&Hound is looking back at six of them in this piece.

Few things thrill me quite like an unlikely mount succeeding at the upper levels. Or, to put it simply: PONIES. In DRESSAGE. So naturally, all I needed to do was read the first paragraph of this COTH piece to know that I was truly, irreversibly in love with The Hot Topic of SpringSong, who has definitely made himself the hot topic of the sand school. Join me in the fangirl clique.

Hot on Horse Nation: Speaking of dressage, and speaking of things that thrill me — an op-ed, this one on the prolific output of classical dressage armchair quarterbacks on the internet, and why many of their suggestions might be… well, not necessarily rooted in the modern reality of the sport. Give it a read and join in the conversation with your thoughts.


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