Friday Notes and News

The Ram Tap T3DE has been canceled due to insufficient entries.  This is a setback for the Classic Series, but one that is overshadowed by the strong success of other T3DE’s, such as Waredaca last fall.

Ashley Adams has withdrawn from The Fork.  Ashley has some of the best blog entries of any rider; she is open, straightforward, and honest with her fans.  She talks openly about soundness concerns which (shocker) nearly every 4* hopeful is dealing with right now, and she isn’t afraid to let her emotions be known.  Ashley’s blog today is a great representation of the problems/emotions/concerns that are racing through the mind of almost everyone entered at Rolex right now.

Dubai is spending insane amounts of money on the racing industry.
Rain is threatening the Gatcombe Park Horse Trials, but BE says it’s going ahead as planned.  This is significant because H&H reported that Gatcombe would be Carousel Quest’s first run back before Rolex, and a cancellation would push that first run incredibly close to Kentucky, if it isn’t already incredibly close.
Local Morven media: “dressage may best be described as a ‘horse ballet’”  Right, ‘dressage’ is to ‘horse ballet’ as ‘NASCAR’ is to ‘vehicle waltz’.
Courtney King-Dye has been moved to a rehabilitation facility.
Best of the Blogs: Steph Rhodes-Bosch Poplar recap, Alex enters Badminton
Good News Friday: Zenyatta brings joy to autistic child.
News of the WeirdFirefighters saved two horses from river after a sex crazed amorous stallion jumped in the river to save his girlfriend, which, incidentally, sounds a lot like my prom night.
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