Events This Weekend

Day 1 Recap Presser, Chronicle Day 1 Recap

Notes: So far, Tiana Coudray leads the CIC3* and CIC2* on Ringwood Magister and Master Hill respectively.  For those of you looking for the next big thing coming from California, Tiana is a name to keep your eye on.  El Primero and The Good Witch are also competing in the CIC3*.  Still no show for McKinlaigh this spring.

We have said that they do it right at Galway, and this promotional video is a great example of why.

Pine Top (GA): Times/Scores, Homepage

Notes: Amy has entered in the OP on both Leyland and Coal Creek.  Best of luck to Amy this weekend as her quest for the WEGs starts up a little later than most, but she is still a clear front runner on Leylan

Morven (VA): Homepage, Times, Scores

Notes: Area II, the heartland of US eventing kicks off this weekend with Morven Park.

Corona del Sol HT (TX): Times/Scores, Homepage
Overall, this weekend is a rest time for the big names, who will be either losing sleep over The Fork or losing sleep over The Fork while riding at lower level events.
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