Video Saturday: Indoor Eventing

It just sounds crazy doesn’t it?  Indoor Eventing…seems to me like it kind of defeats the whole purpose.  But what do I know?  Watch the videos and see for yourself.

Celebration Violation, 4 jump penalties:  Maybe the surrounding crowd and great acoustics is what drives one to attempt to “pump up” the audience before they jump round a few solid fences in a confined area at top speed.  I would have been trying to pump up my horse instead…I’m just sayin’.
Feel Free to Use Flash Photography: Because your photos won’t show up if you don’t!  Don’t worry, the horses only need to be able to “see” the fences as they take off from them.  

Need for Speed: Maybe I’m being too cynical.  Maybe I’ve created this opinion about indoor cross-country that I am unwilling to see past.  Let’s watch a nice round where horse and rider really appear to be connected and communicating with one another with trust and confidence.  Maybe I’ll change my tune. 

I very much recognize the difficulties organizers and officials run into when planning an Event: land, time, money, resources.  It’s a long list of “needs” and not a very big list of “can do without.”  Call me a traditionalist, I like the long format (outside).  We are still working out the kinks in the short format (outside) to make our beloved sport the best it can be.  This, however, is too short.  It’s a whole string of nasty accidents waiting to happen.  
I’m just a journalist making an observation.  What do you think?
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