Friday Notes and News

3D3W: Gina Miles (Part II) Among other things, Gina says of McKinlaigh: “I think we’re probably gonna steer him more in a direction of lower stuff…The Olympics is a good way to finish out a career.”  There is nothing shocking about this news, but it has been sad to see this spring that one of the USA’s most prolific international horses will likely not compete at the upper levels again.

Scientists in the Transport Research Laboratory in the UK studied the Point Two air jackets and determined that there is no evidence that Point two “would exacerbate a neck injury in an accident,” and that wearing traditional body armor with Point Two is preferable to Point Two alone.  This is very early independent testing, which was aimed mostly at making sure using Point Two does not have any worse effect, but the results seem positive.
British Eventing has posted information about the new FEI doping regulations.
A new group Loving Owners Object to Fat (LOOF) is buying scales for horse shows to “name and shame” owners of fat horses.  Do you really need a scale to tell that a horse is fat?
A survey finds that older people own more horses, with horse owners older than 65 averaging over 6 equines.  These results are probably primarily due to a correlation between income and horse ownership (older people have higher incomes).  Using these awesome statistical methods we might as well announce breaking news that daily metamucil consumption levels, slow driving, and TV guide subscriptions are all predictors of horse ownership levels.
Josh Walker makes some freakishly good videos.  Check out his preview of EventingUSA 2.0.  
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