Friday Pan Ams and NAJYRC Social Wrap: Dressage Skillz

It seems only fitting to start our dressage day social media recap off with what every rider certainly listened to before they hopped on their horse today:

Now that we’ve got that out of the way, let’s take a moment and congratulate all of the Pan American Games and NAJYRC riders on some really lovely dressage today! Team USA is atop the standings in Toronto, and it’s all Area II who leads the way in the CH-J* in Kentucky. Both the CCIYR2* and the CH-J* will run cross country beginning at 8 a.m. tomorrow and the Toronto horses will set out at 11 a.m.

We also must, once again, wish Jenni Autry a wonderful birthday as she closes up her laptop (who are we kidding, though, she’ll still be attached to her phone) to go and celebrate after a hard day’s work in Toronto:


Team USA had plenty of support for their top-notch performances today. We couldn’t be more pleased with the standings after dressage, and it certainly always helps to have the encouragement of all of their friends, fans and other supporters.

Screenshot_4 But we can’t forget the great performances from the other nations as well — this will definitely be a hard fought battle to the very end!

Friend of EN Carolyn Drover landed the gig of a lifetime this weekend, grooming for Ecuador’s Ronald Zabala Goestschel:


Down in Kentucky, it was once again a day of professional riding from some of the younger competitors in the sport. You wouldn’t know it watching them ride and cheer on their teammates, though!

Best idea ever? Morgan Booth painted her nails with two gold nails, just in case she gets to throw up the gold with an Area II win!

Photo via EN's Instagram.

Photo via EN’s Instagram.

Meanwhile, Meg Kep engaged in some friendly smack talk with Boyd Martin:


We think Chinch has his celebrity crush selected for the weekend: Madison Temkin and Kingslee!

Photo via EN's Instagram.

Photo via EN’s Instagram.

Back in the barns, it’s never a bad time to take a selfie with your whole team, as Area III demonstrates:

Photo via Diane Portwood on Facebook

Photo via Diane Portwood on Facebook

Best of luck to all competitors as they take on cross country tomorrow! Stay tuned for much more from your Pan Ams and NAJYRC headquarters.