Friday Video and UK Notes from World Equestrian Brands: Pony Power on Show

GB's eventing team got off to a flying start in the dressage this morning, ending the day in gold medal position. 🥇 Part 2 of the competition is tomorrow afternoon. Come and watch for free! Can't make it? We'll be recording all of the action ready for a special highlights video, which will air on Saturday at around 1.30pm, before the cross country starts. 📺 Check out the live stream schedule, start lists and results by clicking on the link in our bio @bishopburtonequine. 📷 @adamfanthorpe #ponyeuros2018 #bishopburton #bishopburtonequine #bishopburtoncollege #fei #feiglobal #feipony #feiponyriders #feieuropeanchampionships #feiponyeuros #ponyeuropeans #ponyeuros #ponycompetition #ponyriding #horsecompetition #horseshow #eastridingofyorkshire #eastriding #eastyorkshire #myeastriding #myeastyorkshire #dressagepony #dressageponies #eventing #eventingpony

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A confession: my name is Tilly Berendt, and I am a pony addict. Seriously – the fiestier the better, the mere sight of a pair of clicking heels and barely-visible devil horns turns me into a living heart-eye emoji. I’m not sure where the obsession comes from – I’ve always been too tall for them, and graduated onto horses sharpish when I was a kid. Maybe that’s it; maybe it’s all about wanting what I can’t have, but no matter the root cause, I’m hooked for life. Find me a small thing who can go all the way – Teddy O’Connor, you were my dreamboat – and I will build the pedestal on which it can stand (on its tippy-toes, probably).

Ugh. I die. Look at his teeny weeny earnet, look at his round little pony bum, look at that Werther’s Original coat that only seems to appear on equines under 14hh. The. Dream. I might be competing myself this weekend, but I won’t be thinking about anything except the world’s best eventing ponies in their lil pony war at Bishop Burton.

UK Weekend Preview:

Aston-le-Walls (4): [Ride Times] [Cross-Country Videos]

Hartpury International: [Ride Times] [Website] [Live Scores]

Bishop Burton European Pony Championships: [Website] [Live Stream] [Live Scores]

Bold Heath: [Ride Times] [Website] [Live Scores]

Dalkeith: [Ride Times]

Events Opening this Weekend:

11th: Pontispool (2) – BE80-I with 90RF – [EnterSomerset (September 15-17)

11th: Munstead (2) – BE80-BE100 with 90RF – [EnterSurrey (September 15-16)

12th: Wee Burgie – BE80-N with 100RF – [EnterMoray (September 16)

Events Balloting this Weekend:

11th: Sapey (2) – BE80-N – [EnterHerefordshire (September 1-2)

Friday Video: Pony Power at the Europeans

Of all the major championships, the Pony Europeans gets, perhaps, the least attention. But it shouldn’t: many successful FEI pony riders go on to successful stints in the Junior and Young Rider teams, and plenty of them have gone on to senior careers. And their mounts? All grit, gumption, and a fair helping of that devilish pony spark that propels them over fences bigger than they are. They’re like four-star horses who have shrunk in the wash, and they might be your new favourite thing.

This week, the 2018 Pony Europeans are taking the North of England by storm, and you can keep up with all the action this weekend on their comprehensive live stream. But if you need a bit more convincing to commit, check out this video, showing some of the highlights from the 2014 Championships. If your idea of successful ponies only stretches as far as the hunter divisions, please allow me to blow your mind.