Friday Video: Behind the Scenes at Badminton with Fairfax & Favor

There’s nowhere in eventing that has quite the hustle and bustle of Badminton, where upwards of 100,000 people will inevitably jostle through the gates and straight into the enormous shopping village before heading out on course on the Saturday of the event. So what does that experience actually look like for the good folks manning all those trade stands? Vlogger Lucy Robinson headed to the Fairfax & Favor stand at this year’s event to find out what it takes to keep one of the most popular shopfronts running smoothly — plus, she shows off some of her favourite goodies, heads out to see some of the toughest fences on course, and interviews sponsored rider Rosie Fry, too. It’s a totally different perspective of one of our favourite events, and we loved getting the chance to see it from the other side!