Friday Video from SmartPak: A Little Bit of ‘Normal’ from Down Under

If Wednesday’s video gave you a hankering for sunnier days, eventing friends and, of course, silly costumes, the latest video out of Australia’s Wallaby Hill will make you yearn. The Antipodeans are having a much better time than us Northern Hemisphere louts where this whole Covid thing is concerned, but rather than begrudging them the lovely, restriction-free time they’re having, I’m opting to live vicariously through it – starting with this eventers vs show jumpers challenge. My favourite? The scopey Mickey Mouse bouncing around the cross-country course, though the surprise appearance of The Bride from Kill Bill takes a close second. In any case, if you — like me — need a reminder today that more carefree times are just around the corner, this’ll put a smile on your face.