Friday Video from SmartPak: An Aussie and a Kiwi Walk Into a Bar…

…or a horsebox, as it turns out.

After a long, chilly day of showboating and fundraising, a bevy of Kiwi and Aussie eventers (plus two Brits in Alex Bragg and Piggy French) piled into a nearby lorry to warm up. But in true eventer fashion, it wasn’t just going to be a sit-down and a nice cup of tea – instead, they launched into a joke-telling competition, with Chris Burton representing Australia and Tim Price taking the Kiwi mantle. The objective? Try not to laugh at the increasingly offensive jokes, as penned by ERA head and international eventer Bruce Haskell. The winner? Well, you’ll have to watch to find out.

The ERA didn’t just put on the best thing to happen to January since a New Year’s Day Bloody Mary, they’ve also got the eventing fan’s ultimate auction on the go. With over 70 lots, ranging from nabbing a five-star rider as a slave for the day (oooh-er) to having lunch with Lucinda Green, it’s absolutely jam-packed with money-can’t-buy-but-kinda-can-in-this-case items and experiences. Bidding closes at 11:59 p.m. UK time, though (that’s 6.00 p.m. Eastern time) – so don’t dawdle. Head on over and buy something to mitigate those Brexit blues. We certainly will be.

If you want some slightly cheaper fun, you can rewatch all of the Australia Day festivities over on Horse&Country Free – but this, too, will be taken down tonight, so chop-chop, chums!