Friday Video from SmartPak: An OTTB Odyssey

There are few things I like more in the world than what I call Fantasy Horse Shopping, which is something I don’t feel like I really need to explain to you, loyal EN-ers. We all do it, right? We all browse the ads, looking for our perfect partner in some far-flung locale, usually finding something totally out of budget and constructing elaborate daydreams about how we might get our dirty paws on that horse (bank robberies, blackmailing the president, and so on, and so forth), eventually winning ALL THE THINGS for our efforts.

Another nice little sideline to this brand of fantasy-spinning is living vicariously through other people as they buy horses, something that YouTube enables me to do all too easily. (I hope you’ve all had a more productive lockdown than I have.) Even better if that horse-shopping involves OTTBs, and even even better if it involves delightful accents, as in today’s video, which combines all of the things delightfully. If anyone needs me, I’m working out how to steal Big Bay for my own collection.