Friday Video from SmartPak: Behind the Scenes at Rebecca Farm

I’m not sure there’s a horse person out there who doesn’t relish the opportunity to go ‘through the keyhole’ for a good snoop around another rider’s operation – and if that glimpse behind the scenes comes at a gorgeous event I’ve never been to, so much the better. I’ve heard tell of Rebecca Farm and all the things that make it wonderful, but as a UK-based eventer and journalist, the wilds of Montana (can I locate it on a map? Only if you put a gun to my head, and even then I’m not confident) are slightly out of my remit. So I was delighted to stumble upon this comprehensive montage of Area 9 young rider Molly Sullivan‘s trip to Rebecca with her horse Fernhill Friend Request, which ticks all the boxes, really: those hazy, half-lit mornings feeding in, the dance routine unique to attempting to plait a fit horse at a big party, the other dance routine unique to ensuring you know your dressage test, a final schlep around a beefy course, a – shut the front door – PURPLE start box, and a sky that really does look a whole lot bigger than any I’ve seen before.

Okay, okay, I’m convinced – send me to Rebecca, Eventing Jesus. I am READY. I might even have a look at a map.