Friday Video from SmartPak: Behind the Scenes with Padraig McCarthy

One of my favourite success stories is that of British-based Irish eventer¬†Padraig McCarthy, who you likely know as our 2018 double silver medalist at the World Equestrian Games. But did you know that that extraordinary performance came after only a handful of years in the sport? And did you know that Padraig actually has a PhD? The former show jumper and all-round clever clogs is my vote for president of the world, frankly, and in this in-depth video — the latest in Horse Sport Ireland’s Meet the Riders series — you’ll find out exactly why. From dealing horses around the world to the dizzying heights of academia, Padraig’s a top-notch bloke with a lot of medals yet to be won.

Plus, if you click play, you can cancel your Calm app subscription and let his Irish lilt soothe you to sleep instead. A bonus!