Friday Video from SmartPak: Dawn-to-Dusk Eventing with Elisa Wallace

So often, we all see the product of a day out eventing – the dressage test videoed by a shaky-handed mum, the showjumping Instagram snaps, and the plethora of cross-country photos bought in a fit of glee from the official ‘togs on site. But as we all know, there’s a lot more to it than those minutes in the ring or out on course – and for every circle you ride in the warm-up, there’s at least twenty minutes of prepping, preening, and course-walk visualising. Oh, and if you’re Elisa Wallace? There’s green juice aplenty, too.

Want to join in with the whole shebang? Elisa’s newest vlog invites you along to do just that. Fire up your blender and get those circles perfected – it’s time to Go Eventing!