Friday Video from SmartPak: Grooming Greatness from the Best in the Biz

There are certain names in eventing that are known the world over – and they don’t all belong to eventers. Jackie Potts has been head girl to William Fox-Pitt for more than 26 years, playing her (enormous!) role in his genesis from fresh-faced university graduate to veritable legend of the sport. These days, you can still find her running the show at his Wood Lane Stables, as well as working closely with Japanese superstar Kazuma Tomoto, and doing her bit to educate the next generation of career grooms, too. Basically, Jackie is every bit as much of a legend of the sport as her boss – okay, her partner-in-crime.

The latest instalment in the Fox-Pitt Equestrian video series gives us the chance to get to know this FEI Groom of the Year and total powerhouse a bit better. How did she get into grooming? Where did she meet William? Which horses have provided the most momentous moments of her career thus far? You’ll find out everything you’ve ever wanted to know about one of British Eventing’s most beloved characters. Grans, will you be our Valentine?