Friday Video from SmartPak: Meet Caroline Clarke, the 5* Dentist

Competing at the uppermost echelons of the sport is an extraordinarily time-consuming undertaking – for every hour spent in the saddle, there are countless others spent working on your own fitness, managing and seeking vital sponsorship deals, mapping out season plans for your string and, of course, contributing to the huge amount of labour that keeping horses healthy and happy requires. On top of all this, the vast majority of riders need to put considerable time and effort into making ends meet financially. For many, this comes down to teaching, training, and selling horses – but for some impressive multitaskers, a busy career off the yard helps to fund exceptional efforts in the saddle.

This is the case for Caroline Clarke, British CCI5* eventer and NHS dentist. In this interview with Ruth Gregory, she shares her exciting story so far and the balancing act she’s perfected to make it happen. Turns out it really does take a village!