Friday Video from SmartPak: No Eventing? Go Team-Chasing Instead

We’re well and truly stuck into the off-season here in the UK, which can mean one of two things (lockdown permitting, of course): either you hang your body protector up in favour of a pair of white jods and the safety of the dressage or showjumping arenas — snore — or you find yourself another high-octane, completely and utterly silly sport to partake in.

Norfolk-based amateur eventer and vlogger Lucy Robinson‘s decided to opt for the latter, rounding up a group of her friends and heading out team-chasing. What’s better than riding pell-mell over solid fences? Riding pell-mell over solid fences with a few of your best mates in close proximity. Pre-drinks optional but advised — or, if you fancy partaking from the safety and warmth of your sofa, just settle in to join in with Lucy’s fast-paced day out.