Friday Video from SmartPak: One Year ’til Tokyo (Again!)

One Year To Go… Again!

The countdown continues for #Tokyo2020 as we unite to look forward to a stronger & more…

Posted by FEI Eventing on Thursday, July 23, 2020

Anyone else getting a curious whiff of deja-vu lately? You’re not alone. That’s because — for the second time now — we’ve hit the one-year-to-go mark in our countdown to the Tokyo Olympics, and although there’s so much that’s still uncertain about what’s going to happen between now and then, we can’t help feeling a wee bit excited anyway.

As it turns out, the FEI feels much the same way, and they’ve put out a teaser video to help wake up those long-dormant butterflies in your tummy. Three seconds in and I’m ready to sob my way through a form guide, totally destroy my body clock in pursuit of sports stories, and probably end up weeping over something like swimming, a sport I never even think about until the Summer Games roll back around and every athletic endeavour is suddenly trés watchable.

364 days is plenty of time to get my emotions under control, right…?