Friday Video from SmartPak: Perfect Plaits – Just Like Piggy’s

Are neat, perfectly spherical plaits – that’s braids, for you yanks among us – something you’ve always dreamt of but never quite managed to nail down? If so, then you’re in luck, because Piggy March‘s travelling groom Amy Phillips is showing us exactly how she gets her horses ready to go out and win, you know, everything. If you’re a plaiting pro but have only ever banded, give this a watch, too – Amy provides an easy primer to using a needle and thread super-neat, ultra-secure ball plaits. Consider this the ideal out-of-the-saddle afternoon activity – and no, it’s absolutely not too lavish to come out at a one-day with Badminton-worthy sewn plaits when all this is behind us. #WhatWouldPiggyDo?