Friday Video from SmartPak: Piggy’s Polework Practice

Okay, hands up if the closest you ever get to polework practice is just trundling back and forth over whatever set-up was left in the arena by the last person? It can’t just be me who always feels a little blasé about the whole thing – like, if I’m going to go to all the trouble of pulling out all those poles, I want to at least leave the ground, you know? But polework is so useful for so many reasons; it’s a super strengthening tool, it helps improve your horse’s footwork, and it’s a seriously handy way to develop his paces, too.

Turns out that what I’ve been in need of is a bit of inspiration from a pro, and as is becoming her habit, Piggy March is on hand to deliver. In the latest installment of her vlog, you’ll see her put Badminton winner Vanir Kamira through her paces and explain how she uses the poles to reintroduce her horses to serious work ahead of the season. I’ve been talked around — you’ll find me lugging the cavaletti out this weekend, and I hope to have a more finely-tuned horse to show for it.

Go Eventing!