Friday Video from SmartPak: Sit It Out in Style

Happy Friday, folks — though I’m inclined to agree with EN’s Kate that this is just another Tuesday in this endless week of Tuesdays. With the weekend (or a couple of Tuesdays off work, anyway) looming, it’s time to make a master plan for what you want to accomplish with your horse over the next couple of days. I always like to pick one specific, attainable goal – like perfecting a particular movement — to work on over the weekend, which gives me that glowy sort of feeling of accomplishment on non-eventing days and makes me feel like I can get sh*# done.

This week’s installment of SmartPak’s super Ask the Trainer series will help me — and you! — do just that. Featuring Pan-American silver medal-winning dressage rider Shannon Dueck, it delves into the tips and tricks for sitting a big, bouncy trot, with handy in-the-saddle exercises you can use to make sure you’re working with sufficient suppleness and evenness. If you always feel like you’re squeezing your butt cheeks for dear life while your molars vibrate their way out of your skull, this is one for you.

…just me?