Friday Video from SmartPak: Steve Guerdat Shares Olympic Crisis of Conscience

As we inch ever-closer to the Olympics in August, the debate both for and against the running of the Games is heating up – and we’re starting to see some unexpected takes from athletes, too. In the wake of Canadian showjumper Eric Lamaze withdrawing himself from consideration due to his own medical concerns, Swiss superstar Steve Guerdat has spoken up about his own concerns in a short interview with AFP News Agency.

“Is it okay to vaccinate athletes knowing that there are not enough vaccines around the world and that people are dying every day who could have perhaps benefitted from the vaccines that we are going to keep for the athletes?” he asks, confessing that grappling with the issue has been quite literally keeping him up at night.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on the Games and the vaccination conundrum. Do you think it’s morally questionable for them to run, or do you think the world needs the positive rallying point the Games provides? Jump in the comments and share your views.